What We Do

Bright Chemicals is a premium supplier of High Quality Cleaning products. We distribute our products to Household and Corporate clients in the greater Gauteng Area. We supply a full range of general cleaners, biocidal cleaners, SABS Approved food safe chemicals, floor care products, degreasers, car care products, hand cleaners, drawing compounds, lubricants, paint strippers and a range of metal treatment cleaning products.

Our assortment is broken down into the following categories:  

Industrial Cleaners

Our Industrial Cleaning products include: 
Electrical Cleaner
Paint Strippers
Metal Cleaners

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General Cleaning

We offer a variety of general cleaning products, including: 
Maintenance Cleaning Products
Automatic Washing & Rinsing

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Hand Cleaning and Care

Our Hand Cleaning and Care range includes: 
Hand Wash
Hand Lotion
Hand Sanitizer

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Bright Chemicals Pool Care

Personal Care

Our Personal Care range includes: 
Bubble Bath
Body Lotion
Bath Salts

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Why choose our Products?

We offer quality products, at affordable prices. 

All our products are manufactured in a SABS accredited facility which ensures that all our products will meet the highest standard in quality & customer satisfaction.

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Can't find what you are looking for? 

If you are looking for any chemical cleaning products not listed on our website, send us a message and we will try to find it for you. 

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Automotive Care Products

Our Automotive Care Products range include:
Foaming Shampoo
Cleaner and Degreaser
Car Polish

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